Malvasia - White Malvasia

Malvasia, Vini Pintaudi, Sicilia, Piraino


This wine has a bright amber color and aromas of caramelized apricot, citrus, and honey. On the palate, it is refreshing and velvety, with balanced acidity, great savoriness, and a pleasing persistence.

Grape variety: White Malvasia
Alcohol content: 16% vol
Production area: Eastern Sicily
Yield per hectare: 60
Vinification: Late harvest of the grapes, the must is separated from the grape skins, fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature.

Drink it while you listen to: Meraviglioso - Domenico Modugno | Parole Parole - Mina

PintaChef: Meat Pasticciotto, @mokartasicilianfood di Patti


box: 1 bottle


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